How I Met Your Mother “Karma” Review

When Becki Newton first appeared as Quinn on How I Met Your Mother a few weeks ago, one of my only complaints was that she and Barney didn’t have as much screen time as I would have liked. This week, we got a full dose of Newton, only this time as Quinn’s Lusty Leopard stripper persona, "Karma."

As much as I love Becki Newton, I think I got a little too much "Karma" and not enough Quinn for my liking. After years of watching Barney scam the pants of countless women, I didn’t really feel bad for him, but I also didn’t really buy the idea that he would fall for that stripper routine. Somehow we were supposed to believe that Barney had been working the strip club circuit for long enough to know the weekly dinner specials, but had never noticed the chumps who had fallen for the Karma scheme before him. I suppose the "mind blowing sex" he and Quinn had weeks before must have really annihilated his instincts. I totally believe that Barney has a vulnerable, naive side, but I wouldn’t expect his vulnerability to manifest in an environment that he should be so familiar with. Read More... 


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