Tonight on White Collar: Is Neal Going to be a Free Man?

The second half of season 3 of White Collar has flown by and it is hard to believe that the finale is tonight; that Neal (Matt Bomer) could be a free man by the end of the episode. This all sounds a bit too simple and the ominous title of "Judgement Day" means that Neal's freedom is not a certainty, even if has plenty of people willing to speak on his behalf at his commutation hearing. Neal also has a big obstacle in the form of Agent Kramer (Beau Bridges) who seems hell bent on finding something that proves that Neal is still the con man he was 3 years ago.

The dynamic between Neal and Peter (Tim DeKay) is a huge aspect of White Collar so if Neal does get his freedom it will shift this relationship. The pair are clearly friends and do indeed work well together, but we know that Kramer's suspicions about Peter covering for Neal are indeed true so will this have an influence on Peter's recommendation to the commutation panel? The conflict here that is due to the many times when Neal has strayed out of the legal boundaries, including the most recent Nazi treasure deception. Kramer is offering his guidance to Peter but it appears to be layered with general animosity towards Neal, can Kramer be trusted? Read More...


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Feb 29, 2012 11:21AM EST

The shows dynamic would change and perhaps for the better. Keeping the show as it is would make it predictable and then that would lead to boredom.

It's already getting a little "long in the tooth" with the ever present if you don't solve this your back.

It is a concept that works like Gillian's group almost getting rescued each week that will probably last several more seasons.

I like the show, because the writing is decent.

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