Once Upon a Time Photo Preview: Prince Charming Tries to Help Snow White

Remember in a previous episode of Once Upon a Time when Snow White broke Charming's heart by telling him that she didn't love him so that the King wouldn't kill him?  Later, she went to live with the dwarfs and told Grumpy she wouldn't take the potion from Rumplestiltskin that would help her forget her love for Charming.  Unfortunately, she did decide to take it and when one of the dwarfs told her that Charming had called off his wedding to Abigail, she didn't remember who he was.

That potion didn't just make her forget her love for Charming, it also made her slightly unhinged, as we'll learn in the March 18 episode of Once Upon a Time.  Titled "Heart of Darkness", the episode finds Charming racing against the clock to stop Snow White from assassinating the Evil Queen while under the potion's influence.  But it looks like he runs into some trouble along the way.  Will Snow remember who he is when the couple is reunited? Read More...



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