Smash Recap: Swing Batter Batter

It’s a tough, scary world out there. Unemployment is rife. Europe is falling apart. Iran is going nuclear. A serious candidate for president seems to be running on a platform taken directly from A Handmaid’s Tale; nobody I know has dental insurance, and FreshDirect has been out of cauliflower for four days, rendering the package of organic chicken thighs I ordered to make that hearty stew from the New York Times "Recipes for Health" section totally useless. In the midst of these terrible afflictions — any one of which could easily make for an hour of captivating, socially relevant television — I have to commend Smash for choosing to focus its attention on one of the most crucial, yet least-discussed issues facing us today: the plight of the heterosexual in the American Musical Theater. Read More...


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