How I Met Your Mother Recap: The Stakes Are High

If, like Marshall and Lily, we had placed a long-term bet last week, our odds wouldn’t be looking so good right now. For some reason, Ted’s confession of love and Barney’s meet-cute with a stripper led us to suspect that Barney’s bride-to-be was definitely not Robin. Obviously, that remains unresolved, but the brevity of Ted and Robin’s rekindled romance caught us off guard. It’s interesting, and a little perplexing, to see the writers introduce pivotal events only to dispose of them immediately. Robin’s engagement and Ted’s renewed affections could have greased a few episodes, but both were over before they even began. There’s probably something to be said for avoiding a retread of season two, but some of us were looking forward to Ted and Robin’s reunion, which might have been even more meaningful if the "friends with benefits" episode had never happened. At the very least, can we agree that Ted’s logic was sound? The two broke up five years ago because they wanted different things, yet there they were anyway, on the roof, single and as close as ever. Read More...


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