'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Breaking The Code'

No one ever suspects the pregnant woman—a rookie mistake in a town like Rosewood where even the local cell phone store employee is squirreling away one giant acorn of a secret. We've always been a bit weary of Spencer's big sis, Melissa, but with the new footage surfacing from the night of Ali's murder, it looks like she could be the newest prime suspect in this deadly game.

A is clearly getting desperate, as his/her menacing messages are popping up on the cell phones and windshields of those close to the liars. Of particular interest last night was Mona, who A threatened exposing as a shoplifter if Mona didn't expose Hanna as the same. Mona revealed A's plan to Hanna, who finally confided in Mona that she'd been getting messages from A, too. Read More...



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