Castle: 4.16 "Linchpin" Review

When Castle ended last night, I thought "damn, that was a really good episode with a really crappy ending". I even posted it on Twitter and from the response I got, I was obviously not alone in my reaction to "Linchpin". I have to say that I liked it a little bit better than last week’s "Pandora". It was fast-paced, suspenseful and I really, really loved Jennifer Beals – and I am not even a fan.

My problem with it was that it felt like it was forty minutes of adrenaline and suspense and then nothing. As someone I was chatting with last night put it, I felt completely underwhelmed by that ending. I am not even going to discuss the case (because that didn’t make any sense to me and it was just a tiny little bit farfetched), but I really liked the vibe of the episode. I called it from the get go that the traitor would be Danberg and when he was outted as such I was equal parts proud of myself and disappointed because I had called it since the beginning of "Pandora". Read More...


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