Cougar Town Review: Zip Lines and Murder Portraits

Cougar Town is now two-for-two on season three.

None of the gags on "A Mind with a Heart of its Own" would have seemed particularly funny on paper, and yet every single one worked here on many different levels. Seriously, metaphorical zip lines, dead horses, murder portraits and a "thanks babe" might not come across as humorous (or logical) yet the sitcom delivered in spades. Even the title card comes through every time now.

Why? Like I said last week, this show is a downright science at this point. The writers just know the characters so well.

Because we’re invested, we know we like crazy what-what’s from Laurie; we know Andy and Bobby still love each other; and Jules and Ellie, no matter how different and far apart they seem, they still love and get each other, too. Ellie wouldn’t step out for a hug or be the murder recipient if she didn’t. Read More...


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