New Girl Recap: Schmidt Gets Cheesy

At first glance, it makes sense that Jess Day is a teacher, given her childlike enthusiasm and penchant for singing. But as this episode points out, Jess has a big flaw as a teacher, and that’s her lack of authority. Kids aren’t going to be won over by cuteness, because come on, they’re kids — they win cute-offs every day. And few demographics are less forgiving of aggressive quirkiness than a room full of tweens.

The trouble starts when Jess steps in to protect a student, Nathaniel, who’s being bullied by his peers: When he eats lunch in the cafeteria, kids put pennies in his butt crack. Poor hapless Nathaniel offers Jess 46 cents, but she tells him he’s earned it. Then she makes the class listen to her perform a song called "Sad Sparrow (Imagine a World Without Bullies)." Read More...


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