Justified Recap: Both Sides Against the Middle

You couldn't blame Raylan Givens for feeling a little bit helpless this week. Consider:

  • After last week's "Dear John" letter from Winona, he spends a good deal of this episode searching for her in vain, only to discover that this isn't the first time she's tried to leave him in the past six months. Not only that, but Art, Tim, Rachel ... they all knew about it. 
  • He discovers that Boyd and Arlo have been running oxy out of Aunt Helen's house — still the one thing sacred to Raylan in Harlan.
  • Owing to his lawman obligations, he finds himself in the position of having to snuff out Boyd's competition, effectively doing Boyd's dirty work for him (no wonder Quarles come to the erroneous conclusion that Raylan is in Boyd's pocket).

Raylan's not used to being bounced around by outside forces like this. Thank God he gets to take small pleasures in things like repeatedly punching William Mapother's sleazy pimp character, Delroy, in defense of recurring prostitute Ellen May. It's the little things sometimes. Read More...



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