'Glee' Recap: 'On My Way'

What began as—I have to assume—an attempt to address the issue of teen suicide, along the lines of the "It Gets Better" campaign, instead became an over-stuffed and trivialized account of an actual problem real people face every day, during last night's "On My Way," a very special episode of the Fox musical series.

Sebastian, the evil Warbler, who exists for no other reason except to create just enough conflict to begin an episode and excuse Darren Criss during a stint on Broadway, showed up at the coffee shop to ruin Kurt and Rachel's wedding dress shopping time. He crudely Photoshopped a picture of Finn nude and in heels, a truly horrific image, and attempted to use it as leverage to get Rachel out of Regionals. Finn told the group that he wanted to BEAT HIM UP, before trying to storm off to do so, a threat no one—Finn included—ever really believed. Read More...



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