Glee 3.14 "On My Way" Review - For Better or Worse

Glee tackles some difficult subject matter in its fourteenth episode of season 3 and winter finale "On My Way," as the New Directions perform at Regionals in the wake of some devastating news, and Rachel and Finn move up the date of their wedding as well.  A very controversial episode, we here at TVOvermind have a few different reactions to the events of "On My Way," and we also encourage you to join editor Clarissa Rocco's discussion of Glee as a series at large.

There’s a lot to talk about with regard to last night’s Glee "On My Way," and a million ways to begin an article like this.  Frankly, I feel humbled, and even honored for the opportunity to deliver some thoughts on such a broad spectrum of issues, so I’m going to do my best to make some honest points without overstepping any of my bounds.  In that way, I almost become Glee itself.  Minus any of the musical talent. Read More...


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