'Survivor: One World': Kat scratch fever


When we last left our intrepid castaways on "Survivor: One World," a girl went home after breaking her wrist. Let's hope that kind of excitement keeps up.Post TribalThe guys naturally want to know what happened to Kourtney. One of the Frat Boys (seriously, I probably won't be able to tell them apart for weeks) thinks that's "annoying" the women didn't have to vote anybody out. Jerkface. Alicia, the loud-mouth crazy person, thinks Tribal couldn't have gone better because she thinks Christina looked crazy. It's a good thing there are no mirrors to hold up out there in the bush. Christina tries to patch things up with Alicia and Alicia says they're good, but privately she says she'd let Christina drown in the ocean and that Nina "looks like a bag of rocks," even though Alicia doesn't "even know what that analogy means," which so perfectly encapsulates her as a person. We wonder what it's like...



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