Royal Pains Review: 50/50

It was a rough two weeks for HankMed on Royal Pains. They lost their first patient in Jack, and the loss caused quite Hank a lot of angst which he took out on the daredevil brothers he treated this episode. Elsewhere, Divya treated a patient with a deviated septum and Evan entertained a business proposal from Boris's cousin Claudette.

All the twists turns and potentially big changes added up toa solid season finale with "This One's For Jack."

I suppose it's most fitting to start with Jack's loss. The episode felt a little empty without his big personality, and its absence only made the loss that much more realistic for me. It was clearly real for Hank, who even found himself hallucinating that Jack was still alive. The genuine grief he experienced for his friend was side of Hank we haven't had occasion to see. While clearly contributing to character growth, it truly broke my heart a bit. Read More...


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