The Middle 3.16 "The Sit Down" Recap

The normal routine is shoved aside in the Heck household after the kids have a sit-down chat with their parents on the February 22 episode of The Middle. The kids are sick of being nagged by Frankie: Axl for not doing his homework, Sue for always forgetting her coat, and Brick for not bringing home a coffee pot from school, among other things. Mike is always handing out unreasonable punishments: no more coats for anybody, or no more friends over for 20 years. Frankie and Mike find out that the kids have been conducting their own meetings—complete with minutes—when the three of them get together and ask Frankie and Mike to sit down so they can talk. The kids say there has been a lot of stress lately, and the parents are out of control. They call Frankie a "naggaholic." They just want a chance to do what they're supposed to before they're told to. Read More...


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