The Mentalist Review: Blowing Red Smoke

Could Bret Stiles be Red John or one giant red herring?  "His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts" had Patrick Jane and cult leader Bret Stiles circling one another yet again and what fun it was.

Stiles and Jane took shots at one another like a couple of prize fighters. Stiles certainly made it his business to know a lot about Patrick Jane. He knew that Jane had used Red John to take down the San Joaquin killer. He knew Rosalind was under protective custody with the FBI and of course he knew that Jane had shot a man he had claimed was Red John.

Stiles poked and prodded at Jane mercilessly even comparing him to the Sorcerer's Apprentice who had woken up a power he could not control. On that count he might just be right. Read More...


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