Parks and Recreation Recap: Dancing to Pony

For those of you wondering when the stress of Leslie running a campaign and working at the Parks Dept would get to her, wonder no more: it's now.
We open on Manic Leslie, who has come up with an elaborate system of looking at campaign stuff one step outside the building, and work stuff one step inside the building. April foils it by locking her out.

Ron, ever the sensible one, pulls Leslie aside and informs her that she's working 50 hours a week for work, and 50 hours a week on her campaign, and that she must take a sabbatical. Leslie protests, insisting that she even has free time for Wheels for Meals on Wheels ("we repair the vans for Meals on Wheels"), but Ron is unimpressed, and calls her out for the sweater she's worn four days in a row that has a lollipop stuck to the back of it. Read More...


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