Southland “Fallout” Review

"LAPD officers start every shift knowing they might only have a fraction of a second to make a difficultchoice. The ramifications will last their whole lives."

In ‘Fallout’, Southland looks at the effects of decisions the cops have made. For Sherman, wrongly accusing Sammy of planting evidence leaves him with a partner who will always have his back, but who doesn’t want a friendship. When Tang removes a piece of evidence from the scene of an accidental shooting to cover her own ass, a move that Cooper thinks was unnecessary anyway, they’re both left with the knowledge that she’s not quite the cop either of them thought she was. And for Lydia… Well, we’ll come back to her later.

The more weeks pass, the more I dislike the tales of Sherman’s exploits. It seems like every week brings new women in his bed and it’s getting tedious, not to mention making him seem like an utter ass. But if there’s one thing this situation with Sammy has shown us, he’s a good police officer. He’s a pretty crappy person right now otherwise — was bringing up Nate really necessary? — but he’s a good cop and his reasons for accusing Sammy were reasonable. Read More... 


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