Survivor “One World is Out the Window” Review

Rain. Rain has always been the great equalizer on Survivor. Rain can break people down emotionally, deprive them of sleep, and drain their energy."One World is Out the Window" proves that this is still the case on Survivor: One World. I’m really impressed that the girls stuck to their guns and stayed at their camp through the night, but it was amusing to see them cave in the morning and warm up at the guyscamp. This whole "One World" dynamic is really proving to be a fun wrinkle in the game.

The women continued to impress me when they completely annihilated the guys in the reward challenge! I know that some detractors will point out that it was a mental challenge, and that they’ve yet to best them in a physical challenge, but it’s pretty darn impressive to shut them out 5-0. Especially considering their diminished mental state from getting no sleep. Read More... 


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