30 Rock Recap: Rebecca Birdstein

The Valentine’s Day episode, the Thanksgiving episode, the Christmas episode — these are all classic sitcom tropes. But it takes a special sitcom to base an entire show around Leap Day, let alone invent a series of Leap Day traditions and then explain that the main character has never heard of them because she grew up in a town that was settled by the Amish. There’s been some talk about 30 Rock falling off this season, but no other show on TV is nearly as creatively unhinged (well, at least not until Community comes back next month.)

Leap Day, of course, is that extra day that comes every four Februaries. Classic Leap Day traditions include wearing yellow and blue, eating rhubarb, and telling tales of Leap Day William, who lives in the Mariana Trench and emerges every four years to trade children’s tears for candy. All of this has been immortalized in Leap Dave Williams, a beloved movie starring Jim Carrey and Andie McDowell. Read More...



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