Jersey Shore Recaps: Crabbing and Fishing

If anything positive can be said about gender parity on Jersey Shore (and I promise never to even attempt to be even vaguely academic here again, so apologies in advance) it's that the women are just as horrifying as the men, if not more so. Let's just pull a White Man's Burden here and try to put the guys in the Meatballs' platform sneakers, screaming at their girlfriends to badger them for sex, hitting on lady cops, or trying to force drinks on them to lower their sexual resolve. Like, obviously, Mike is horrible and gross, but man, are the girls giving him a disgusting run for his gross money.

We pickup where we left off last week. J-Woww, hoping to stir up a fight in her space skank costume, got her wish for bad attention, and Roger ends up having to deck the stuffing out of a curious onlooker. Read More...


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