Project Runway All Stars Recap: The Final Six Designers Are Flagging a Little

The season's theme of opening field trips with little consequence continues this week — Angela meets the designers at the United Nations to shout out their new challenge rather loudly (thanks, FDR traffic). They're designing gowns — as usual — inspired by six different U.N. member country's flags and cultures. The global lineup: Chile, Greece, India, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, and the Seychelles. Each designer picks a flag, sketches a bit, runs around Mood, and gets down to work. Perhaps the final six are just too schooled in good Runway behavior, but these early episode segments are feeling a little formulaic.

It quickly becomes clear that the designers are bending the challenge's constraints to fit their nicely pigeonholed aesthetics, and not the other way around — again, as usual. This is a shame. Michael's draping, Mila's cutting clean lines, Kenley's turning the Chilean flag's pattern into something appropriate for a fifties diner date , and Jerell's embellishing like it's his last chance ever (spoiler: it's not, though perhaps unjustifiably). On her visit to the workroom, Joanna Coles tries to shake the designers  out of their boxes, but it just isn't happening. Instead, she's left lamenting gowns' impracticalities — they can't be worn with bras, or as becomes apparent in one case, panties either. Read More...


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