American Idol Recap: And Then There Were ... 25

We pick up where we left off, with white-chocolate-with-hints-of-lavender Adam Brock in the hot seat, and our judges having made the realization that they can make him cry just by staring at him. So what do you suppose they do for roughly 37 minutes? Poor Adam might as well have an apple in his mouth the way they roast him on a spit here. He gives the usual spiel about how this is his dream, and how he’s doing it for his daughter, and how, "in three words: I have to sing." I don’t know whether to blame his math teacher here, or his English for letting him think "hafta" is a word.

Anyway, after a good, cleansing cry, they let us all off the non-hook and reveal that he is through. If you were in doubt about that, please call me and say these words out loud: "This is exactly my first time at the rodeo." Read More...


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