Grimm 1.12 "Last Grimm Standing" Review

Every week I write about Grimm, there's usually an area or two where the episode could have improved. It's completely understandable, considering how much the show tries to do and it's only been "alive" for 12 episodes, but for every two steps forward Grimm would take, there'd always be one step back. Any forward creative progress is better than none, of course, and it's been fun watching this little-show-that-could find its way and figure out the delicate balance its striving for each week, but you had to wonder when you could say that Grimm had a great episode without any qualifications.

I think Grimm finally shut me up, as "Last Grimm Standing" was the show's first great episode. It's had a couple of very, very good ones ("Danse Macabre", "Organ Grinder"), but Grimm had yet to really put it all together like it did on Friday night. Part of that had to do with how interesting the case, involving an underground Hunger Games-meets-Fight Club Wesen fight club, was. A lot of the Grimm cases have been a little same-y and thus not very distinctive, but the Lowen Games capture just how good the show can get when it goes dark and strange. It brought a lot of personality and edge to the show that some of the more straightforward cases haven't been able to do and raised the stakes from what we've come to expect on Grimm. I mean, Nick and Monroe have taken out plenty of creatures before, but never has there been the threat of being rushed by an entire arena full of them, something that made the actual fighting scenes carry more weight and tension. That tension made the entire time in the warehouse absolutely pop off the screen, including the in-fight bonding that the two managed to get in. Read More...


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