THE GATES ''Bad Moon Rising'' Review Episode 12

Last night ABC gave us two episodes as the first season finale of THE GATES. Unlike some other shows that have done the two episodes back to back thing, these two episodes actually worked pretty well as a two-parter.

In the first, called Bad Moon Rising, Frank and Vanessa Buckley throw a big anniversary party, only it's not your typical shindig. Deciding that he's getting a little old and worn out to be married to a forever young vampire, Frank asks his wife to end the evening by turning him. This creates quite the controversy as the werewolves see it as him choosing sides with the vampires and they don't know if they can trust him any longer. Sarah, still reeling from the news that some of the residents of The Gates are of the supernatural variety, goes to the party unknowingly under the influence of Devon's tea. The next morning she wakes up to discover that she doesn't remember the previous day at all and to her horror, finds out that she gave Frank the poison that killed his wife when she drank his blood.

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