Eastbound & Down Recap: Baby in a Bag

After a lackluster season premiere that ended with April taking off and leaving baby Toby with Kenny Powers: Deadbeat Mullet, threatening to steer season three in a horrifyingly Jersey Girl–ish direction, tonight we return in spades to our regular sexist, racist, generally filthy programming. And, thank Christ on a cracker, my two favorite characters have returned!

Kenny's hell-bent on finding April and returning the kid. He borrows Shane's pickup, the Pussy Rocket, which Toby promptly pukes in. "I think his body's rejecting the Pepsi," remarks Kenny. When he arrives at April's empty apartment, he rifles through her stuff and steals her copy of Friends season six DVDs, because middlebrow sitcom DVDs are usually the best collateral. Then he storms the Realtor's office where she works. She's not there, either, but her ex and co-worker Jamie is, and Kenny gets the truth out of him after he unzips his backpack and reveals Toby tucked inside with some edible greens. Read More...



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