The Walking Dead Recap: Driving in Cars With Maybe Zombies

At this point in the game, I am picking up on some patterns. I now see that there are basically three different sorts of episodes: the ones where nothing happens until the end when there’s suddenly some great scene; the ones where nothing happens and then the episode ends; and the ones that start with some sort of cliff-hanger-type tease that is then addressed later in the episode, interspersed with nothing happening in between. It’s a bit like in old Flintstones cartoons when forward movement is conveyed by having Fred drive his car against a backdrop of a pile of rocks, a palm tree, a house, and then back to the rocks. In the first half of this season, someone must have wheeled a TV/DVD combo set into the room and shown some episodes of Lost (nothing will convince me this didn’t happen), because the show then briefly tried to experiment with flashbacks. It was done in the oddest way, though, where the flashbacks didn’t add any additional information than that which we already knew. It was as though the writers thought a flashback could be used in place of their characters having backstories, instead of as a vehicle to convey them. It was baffling to watch and so when I read about Glenn Mazarra saying that he wasn’t planning on returning to the flashback form because he felt it would slow down the narrative and he was more interested in scenes that pushed the story forward, I thought that was probably for the best. Read More...


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