Luck Recap: Radical Tenderness

Though much was made of the tension between David Milch and Michael Mann on the set of Luck — a battle of the gargantuans that ended with Milch controlling the script and Mann controlling everything else — by the first season's midpoint the show is feeling very much like a David Milch production. The emphasis on community and the never fully resolved intimations of supernatural forces are very Milchian. Mann's films sometimes have a slightly woozy, cosmic quality characteristic of trippy seventies movies, but they never attain the buzzing hive-mind quality of Milch's cable series: Deadwood, John From Cincinnati, and now this. The montage that closed out the fifth episode conjured fond memories of Deadwood, which had a knack for making it seem as though all the characters were connected by virtue of being human and living in the same shared space, but without getting too soggy about it.  Read More...


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