'Pretty Little Liars': Father knows best


It's Father-Daughter dance time at Rosewood for the "Pretty Little Liars" - this school sure does have a lot of dances, doesn't it? Emily's dad is in town being awesome and helping her look for Maya. But he also drops the bomb that he's going back to Afghanistan. Poor Emily. If they kill him off, that would be really crappy.Speaking of crappy, Byron is still being a big jerk and Ella doesn't think she can quite broach anything with him yet. Though it's pretty heartbreaking the way he stands there after Aria tells him she's not his little girl anymore. Aria leaves him there because she goes to tell Ashley Marin that she sent the police report to Hanna, which Ashley doesn't believe for a second because she's way smarter than all nitwit girls put together. And Ashley and Ella get together to compare notes about "A." Those two working together could probably catch A...



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