'Bachelor' episode 9 recap: Suite spot

We are down to Ben's final three, and is it bad that I am way more excited about the new "Bachelorette" Emily segment they keep teasing than anything that is going to happen with Ben, Courtney, Lindzi and Nicki?Last week, we had hometowns and tonight are "the overnights" -- better known as the fantasy-suite dates. Home stretch! Ben and the ladies are in Switzerland. First date is with Nicki, and they go on a helicopter ride (yawn, this is like the seventh helicopter ride this season; let's get creative! Magic carpet ride?) over some glaciers. And, oh no, he didn't. "My relationship with Nicki is reaching new heights." They picnic on the side of a mountain. How is all that bronzer not getting on that white scarf? Oh, and the views are beautiful and she loves him and can see her life with him. And the cliff they look over "can be compared to our relationship, and how it can end soon. Read More...



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