Being Human Review: Change Is In The Wind

"The Ties That Blind" kept up the strong streak that started last week. While we weren't be blessed with the awesomely wicked Bishop haunting Aidan's mind, we did have a string of other events that kept the story blasting along.

Nora's back!
Hey! Nora narrated an episode. Does that make her a full fledged cast member? Actually, I'd say it might be more of a goodbye. She was really messed up, torn between the purebreds and Josh, being a wolf and a human. Meeting the purebreds at such an early and emotional stage of her genesis into a werewolf didn't frighten her, but instead lead her to feel more alive as a wolf.

Whether it's a mental or physical reaction is irrelevant. I don't know if Nora and Josh can make it through such a huge chasm as a couple. When Aidan killed Connor, was their fate sealed? Read More...


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