Smash Recap: Don’t Dance So Close to Me

Greetings, Show Folk and those who simultaneously adore and are terrified by you! Today’s recap is being composed from the sky, through which I am soaring toward the sun-dappled hills of Hollywood, the anti-Broadway. The stewardess has delivered the Chex Mix and the vodka, I have frightened my previously gregarious seatmate into silence by weeping loudly and openly throughout the entirety of the in-flight screening of The Muppets, and we’re somewhere over the fictional Karen Cartwright’s fictional home state of Iowa. Given my current precarious position in the troposphere (according to the surly dumpling of a flight attendant who clearly holds a Master’s in Anxiety Science from the Shukert Family School of Parenting, an errant flick of a Kindle switch could bring this whole sucker down at any minute), so I hope you’ll read the following recap with the proper sense of occasion. Read More...


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