How I Met Your Mother Recap: Moving On

Is HIMYM trying to step on the recapping game? Yes, Future Ted, we know what happened in the last few, seemingly hasty episodes, and so do your kids. Of course, his retelling is the central gimmick of the series, but it doesn’t bode well when one entire episode barely moves the plot forward, and the writers feel it necessary to remind us of the preceding whirlwind of events – almost as if they’re the ones having trouble keeping up with the narrative.

It’s sometimes difficult to watch a precious show walk with turtle-steps towards its finish line. The series’ lack of an end date is good for those of us who just want to watch these characters forever, but bad for the plot (see: Lost). What really happened last night? Marshall and Lily admitted that the suburbs, which they never really seemed at home in, were suddenly an unsatisfying destination, and Barney once again tried to convince a woman that he was a better man than he presents, which isn’t even necessarily true. Read More...


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