Smash Recap: Ivy Feels Threatened By Karen; Eileen Asks a New Source for Money

This week's all new episode of Smash was a perfect example of the fact that this show is at its best when it focuses on the makings of a Broadway show and not on adoption or affair drama.  Sure, we're pretty certain that Julia will likely rekindle her affair with her former lover somewhere along the way, but as long as they focus on how that could affect the show, I think we'll be fine.

This week, Smash was all about rivalry.  The first day of the workshop had arrived and Ivy was shocked (SHOCKED!) to learn that Derek had cast Karen in the ensemble.  Immediately, Ivy's hackles were up.  Sure, she may be sleeping with the director, but he failed to tell her that he had offered a part to her biggest rival.  But that was only one of the reasons that Ivy felt threatened.  The other is that Karen is very, very good.  During the various song and dance numbers performed during the episode, Karen's voice always shone through.  In some cases, she literally out-sang Ivy (at least in terms of vocal impact). Read More...


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