2 Broke Girls 1.18 "And the One-Night Stands" Review

2 Broke Girls looks to bang out a cheap one in its latest effort "And the One-Night Stands" from its first season, which sees Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) dealing with old flames coming back to haunt them during the celebrations of Caroline's birthday, and a trip to Caroline's father in prison.  "And the One-Night Stands" doesn't gain a great deal of ground for 2 Broke Girls but certainly affords a few laughs around its jumbled narrative.

I didn’t’ cover last week’s 2 Broke Girls "And the Kosher Cupcakes," not merely out of sheer moral outrage, but toward the growing feeling I’ve had of the show at large; it’s not written for me, it’s certainly not going to change the expectations of someone not generally prone to three-camera sitcoms, and its certainly too early to give it such harsh criticism.  Even at 18 episodes deep into its first season, I’m not sure what we can expect of 2 Broke Girls before its had some time to reevaluate its characters, and look at the narrative strategy going forward.  For that reason, my coverage of 2 Broke Girls might be somewhat intermittent from here on out. Read More...



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