Two and a Half Men 9.17 "The War Against Gingivitis" Review

The title of this episode, "The War Against Gingivitis," has even less meaning than most of the episode titles on Two and a Half Men. That is to say, this episode had nothing to do with rotting gums. Instead, it was a look into how Walden, with his nerd skills and equally immature business partner, had the ability to become a billionaire. At the beginning of the episode, Walden needs floss, and Alan provides a selection—he is a soldier in the war against gingivitis. Moving on.

Alan tries to log into his online banking account, but can't remember his password. He tries variations of "Jake" and "Alan" before trying "BigScaryLady" (a reference to Berta). None of them work. Walden walks him through the "forgot password" process, and Alan needs to remember what he answered for his favorite state. It's not California; it's not Hawaii, and just as Alan realizes his favorite state is "engorged," Walden receives a Skype call from his ex-wife, Bridget (Judy Greer). She heard from Walden's ex-business partner, Billy Stanhope, and she's passing on the message that he has a business proposition for him. Walden immediately gets an eye twitch and refuses. Read More...


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