Episode 7 'Bachelor' recap – Team Courtney?

I’m about to say something that may lose me some friends. After this week’s "Bachelor," I think that resident villain Courtney and Ben may be good for each other. Now, hear me out! I didn’t say that I would be friends with Courtney. Or that, if I was on the show with her, that I wouldn’t call her a "black widow" four times in one episode. As catty as she may be to the other women, I think she showed this week that she does have feelings for Ben and that the two of them have a real connection. LOVE TO HATE: Courtney takes control in her relationship with Ben this week This week in Belize, Lindzi gets the first one-on-one date with Ben. In spite of the fact that the only things we hear these two say to each other are "I like you," "I think you’re great," "You’re pretty," "I love that we share the same values" Lindzi thinks she is falling in love with Ben. Read More...

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