'American Idol Top 13 men: Phillip Phillips hot, Eben Franckewitz not

"American Idol" kicked off its Top 24 with the 12 men (plus a mystery extra guy!). It's really throwing us off having the Top 24 be in the big theater and not the tiny one with the Coca Cola dungeon up top.We also miss seeing them walk awkwardly towards the camera with finger guns and winks and whatnot, though there was plenty of creepy weirdness as Ryan introduced them down the line. Please don't do that ever again, Heejun Han.1. Reed Grimm, "Moves Like Jagger," Maroon 5If you close your eyes, this is great. Not that Reed is hard on the eyes, because he's not. But his sound is nice, he actually sounds a lot like Levine, only jazzy. Just when we were thinking it was a tad boring, he takes to the drums and gets bolder, but the excitement mostly comes from the seizure-inducing lights. And after the drum solo, the vocal isn't as...



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