White Collar Review: Evasive Maneuvers

The stolen Raphael, a death-defying jump, Agent Kramer on the war path, Peter, Mozzie and Sara’s attempts to protect him...

"Judgment Day" finally arrived for Neal Caffrey on White Collar. But, in the end, it seemed like his past caught up to him just in time.

Everything that had been building up over the season unquestionably came to a head this episode. The cost of freedom seemed to be freedom itself for Neal. Let’s break down exactly what just happened:

In an unexpected twist of events, it was revealed that Kramer had come from the DC Art Crimes field office to New York because he had heard about Neal's commutation. The commutation opened a window for Kramer to find a reason why Neal should stay in the custody of the FBI; more specifically, if he could find something that proved there was something Neal was still hiding, it would give him the opportunity to become the Agent in charge of Neal, removing Peter from that position. Read More...



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