Parenthood 3.18 "My Brother's Wedding" Review

Season three of Parenthood may have stumbled a bit more than I anticipated back in the fall, but last week's episode gave me a lot of hope for the finale. "Remember Me, I'm the One Who Loves You" was the equivalent of a late inning three-run home run to pull within one run of the other team, a massive episode that dialed back the histrionics and brought several major plots to near-climax. It may have taken a few unnecessary shortcuts, notably hooking Crosby and Jasmine back up and immediately running them down the aisle, but you had to feel that the show was saving the best for last in one final push for a fourth season.

"My Brother's Wedding" had a lot going for it and hit some of the emotional beats perfectly, but I can't help feeling like it was quite rushed. Instead of letting some of the storylines breathe and end on less than perfect terms, the finale had shades of a series finale with every Braverman getting his (or her) happy ending. That's all well and good, but it takes some of the power away from the rawer emotional moments. Case in point: Mark and Sarah. I knew pretty early on that their rekindled romance wouldn't last, with Jason Ritter only signing on for 13 episodes and getting his own pilot in contention this year, but their break-up over whether to have children was poignant and had a lot of truth to it. It may have been inevitable, but that didn't stop it from being the moment in the finale that hit me the hardest, thanks to Parenthood having shown the deep connection the two had established all season. And highlighting the fact that just because there's love, trust, and commitment there doesn't mean that a relationship always works was a nice move to bring a little reality to the situation. Sometimes people break up and it's okay; it may be sad, but it's nobody's fault. Having Mark pop up at the wedding to randomly propose to Sarah took the power out of that scene and undercut how much of an emotional impact it had by taking the easy, "romantic" way out. Read More...


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