Cougar Town Recap: Helmet Party

Cougar Town is a hard show to describe, and perhaps that (and, yes, the title) is part of the reason why it doesn’t always make a great showing in the ratings. It’s just a show about ... life. Not too much happened this week. Jules and her family ate dinner (terrifyingly) without silverware or even plates. A new game was invented. A man felt neglected by his fiancée. Someone suffered a minor head injury with no lasting consequences. This could be a show about your neighbors, if your neighbors were well dressed and hot and never had to go to work.

This is not to say that I don’t find it all completely charming, because of course I did. I feel relatively certain that I would hate almost all of these people individually, if we were ever to meet in real life. But somehow, together, they are the most loveable bunch of lunatics. They bring out the best — or at least the most entertaining — in each other. They care about each other, and you can tell. Even when they’re pelting frozen mini soccer balls at each other’s heads and torsos. Read More...


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