Justified Recap: Northern Aggression

Does Raylan Givens look like a dirty cop to you? I don't even know how I'd quantify the appearance of a lawman who's on the take, but certainly you took one look at Sheriff Napier tonight and you knew he was just waiting to be bought. Raylan doesn't look anything like that! Raylan possesses the hardened scowl of a man whose only mission is to bust scum like you. (Universal/editorial "you" — I think you personally are a fine, upstanding citizen.) So why does Raylan spend the episode having to deny to pretty much everyone that he's dirty? Perhaps this is the price one pays for being a loose cannon.

Raylan and Quarles start the episode on a contentious note when Quarles interrupts Raylan's night of enduring the noise from the bar next door to his motel (he was just about to do Jager bombs, too!). They shoot some pool and make vaguely threatening statements to one another. Quarles is still convinced from last week that Raylan is on Boyd's payroll, so he tries to make him an even better offer. Raylan is insulted, and maybe that's why he makes a sideways allusion to Quarles's history of "tooling up male hustlers" that's gotten him into trouble before. So the picture of that guy tied up to the bed in the oxy house is becoming disturbingly clear. Quarles is clearly unnerved, but he comes back with a threat of his own: "I know where you live now." Read More...



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