Blue Bloods “Women with Guns” Review

This week’s episode of Blue Bloods was technically titled "Women with Guns," but it should have been called, "Let’s all Giggle About Dad’s Sex Life." It was funny to see Danny so uncomfortable about the idea that his dad is meeting a woman in a hotel room, and refreshing to see pure discomfort used instead of the often used trope of the adult children upset their mother is being replaced.

The gift of the gun holster was creative and sweet, just the sort of gift you’d expect the police commissioner to give. I don’t understand how a gun held on the inside of your thigh would be more readily available than one in your purse, but really it’s the thought that counts.

Two rules of Blue Bloods, and cops shows were upheld this week. First, if you ditch your protective detail, someone is going to get attacked. Points for originality on the use of acid instead of a more run of the mill weapon. Second, if a witness claims he was the only one who didn’t have a motive to commit the crime, he’s the one that committed the crime. After the producer let that drop to Danny, his arrest seemed almost anti-climactic. It probably would have been more exciting if Danny let Frank’s girlfriend hit him. Read More... 


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