Being Human (UK) “Hold the Front Page” Review

Teenage vampire Adam is back in ‘Hold the Front Page’, this week’s episode of Being Human, and he’s brought along a guest — his much older ex-headmistress girlfriend, Yvonne. On the run from the press, they hole up in Honolulu Heights. But one intrepid journalist discovers Adam’s real secret, and attempts to team up with Cutler in order to expose vampires to the world…

Alright, it has to be said: even setting aside the succubus thing, Yvonne is bloody creepy. This episode was bookended by Yvonne being more motherly than girlfriend-ish to Adam and it made my skin crawl. Thankfully, everything else more than made up for it. When Adam wanted to be sweet he really was adorable, and I found myself happy for them at the end of the episode. Kudos, Being Human, for somehow making me root for the nasal vampire teenager and the creepy demon woman. Read More... 


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May 12, 2016 8:43PM EDT

Yes she is creepy whats with the old one cutler trying to rev up the battle between werewolves and vampires by killing off George Tom can not be the only were wolf fighting the vampire fight.

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