House of Lies “Veritas” Review

Wow. That’s the best way to describe "Veritas." For most of the season, we have been treated to the lighter side of Marty Kaan and The Pod’s scandalous wheeling and dealing. However, this week, we got to see the penalties that one can pay when forced to live a life of ruthless narcissism. Marty is a guy who is constantly looking over his shoulder. Because of the way he does business, and his loss of the Pfizer account, Marty finds himself in the cross-hairs of some very important people higher up the Galweather-Stern corporate ladder. He instantly recognizes their interest in his potential successor, James, and sets his sights on him. Ultimately, Marty’s betrayal of James may come back to haunt him. James certainly seemed to indicate as much with his parting words. If we don’t see him again, I will be very surprised. Read More... 


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