American Dad “The Wrestler” Review

Some of my favorite recurring secondary characters on American Dad are those wonderfully weird nerds that make up Steve’s peer group. "The Wrestler" set us up to watch Toshi, Snot, Barry and Steve flounder about outside of their comfort zone after Stan took a personal interest in resurrecting the wrestling program at Steve’s school.

While most of the boys failed miserably, Barry casually emerged as a natural champion. If not for Principal Lewis telling Stan about the money he had bet on Barry’s wins, Stan would have completely missed the fact that Barry was on a fast track to taking the school record from him. At this point, the story became less about Steve and his friends on the wrestling team, and more about Stan’s desperation to save his high school title.

I loved how Barry consistently delivered crushing defeats while maintaining his cuddly and harmless seeming demeanor. Even as Roger and Stan took steps to bring about Barry’s demise, he didn’t even seem to notice that he was being targeted. I would have liked to see more about how Barry handled his eventual defeat, but his story ended rather abruptly after Roger’s entrance. Read More... 


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