Once Upon a Time “Dream” Review

How did a dwarf named Dreamy turn into a dwarf named Grumpy? By falling in love with a fairy, of course. In "Dreamy," this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, we learned that dwarves hatch out of eggs, have no aspirations beyond mining fairy dust, and are discouraged from running off to sail around the world with pretty, but clumsy fairies named Nova (Amy Acker, in her cutest role since Angel’s Fred).

It’s been pointed out that the idea of star-crossed lovers might perhaps be overplayed on this show. I can’t deny that there’s a significant amount of these forbidden love stories…but when stripped down to their basics, aren’t most fairy tales based on such romantic conflicts? If two lovers were perfect for each other, there wouldn’t be much of an obstacle to their happy ever after, would there? Being a hopeless romantic, I’m willing to go along with a dwarf and fairy falling in love, especially since they were already connected by her spilling fairy dust onto his egg. Read More...



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