American Idol Recap: ‘I Forget That I Am on a Show and Judging Anything’

AT LAST we are able to start voting in American Idol. And just when I’m thinking we’re finally getting somewhere, Ryan tells us that "in just a few short months, someone will become the new American Idol." Good Lord. The GOP nominating process is like greased lightning in comparison. (Ryan also summons all his strength not to mention Sasha Baron Cohen having dumped ashes on him on the Oscars red carpet, which you know he’s dying to do. I know it’s off topic, but have you ever seen anyone take anything worse? Towel yourself off, ask some actresses about their dresses, cash your billion-dollar check, and lighten up, Mary.)

One of the most delightful elements of the live show is the homemade signs. My favorite tonight reads "RANDY, you DAWG!" Which, given the way Randy deploys the word dawg, does not make much sense. It’s like "RANDY, you PAL!" "RANDY, you GUY!" But it’s a well-constructed sign, so partial credit will be awarded. Read More...


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