'America's Next Top Model' premiere: Cheerio, guvna. Pip pip!


Here we are, "America's Next Top Model" fans! Not only is our favorite ridiculous reality show back, but there are Brits! Cheerio, guvna! Based on the pictures they released pre-show, we think the UK girls have a huge advantage over the US girls.During intros, here's what stood out:We love the androgynous girl, Azmarie. She comes across way better in person than she did in her still photo. Sophie says the dictionary is from Oxford, which is where she's from. We are confident she has a huge vocabulary and mastery of the English language. Annaliese says the US is "not ready for the British invasion. We did it once, we can do it again." Do you suppose she means the Beatles? Because we whipped your butts in the Revolutionary War, thanks.We meet Laura, the bisexual, who has designs on Azmarie the lesbian. Then there's Ashley, who is Scottish, and seriously sounds like Brad Pitt's character in...



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