'Survivor: One World': The women finally get it together


The women finally get it together on "Survivor: One World"!Post TribalA huge storm rolls in and the guys offer to let the women come to their shelter, but the girls say they'll wait to see how it goes. Uh, are you serious? I would've been jumping on that offer! You need all the rest you can get, tribe that can't win anything. Then in the morning, they are sad about being cold and tired and having no fire and therefore no food. Uh, who's fault is that?When Matt comes back from crab hunting (so, he feels like he's back at the frat house), he's quite annoyed the girls are over there trying to dry off by their fire. Reward ChallengeIt's raining again, yuck. The challenge is a memory test. Each person faces off with an opposite tribe member, they are shown six items in order and then must replicate the order first. Winners get a...



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